Getting Things Done

So part of what this is all about is – getting things done.  Now, strangely enough, there is a productivity method known as Getting Things Done (or GTD for short) that is beloved of lots of people online these days, it seems to have exploded, particularly it seems among Mac users as there is a hell of a lot of Mac software out there that is focused on various GTD elements.

I have looked at this whole system previously but only in a very vague way, so a month or so ago I decided to buy the GTD book and give it a go.  I have strange reading habits so I haven’t even finished the book yet, but I am learning and putting into practise a number of the elements.  For example I have started to treat my email inboxes in much more of a GTD way, trying to get them to near zero as possible every day.  I have also started that with my physical inboxes both at work and at home.  All feels good so far.

My favourite GTD find though is Enleiten.  I had tried a number of the other online offerings, but Enleiten wins so far – due to a number of reasons.  Firstly is the ease with which you can add in tasks/actions, and the various ways you can get those tasks/actions into your inbox.  For example you can login to the site and just enter the tasks in a form box, or you can setup the system to receive emails that will then drop into the box.  This last one is a boon to me as I can think of stuff while travelling and use the email on my phone to drop the task in.

There are lots of other things I like about the system, but this isn’t supposed to be a review site.  I will carry on implementing my changes and see what happens and let you know next time if this is working and if so is it helping me reach my other goals.

Becoming a driver

Sometimes even I find it ridiculous that I have made it to 33 without learning to drive.  But I have, and I can’t.  And I need to.

I was a rebel when I was younger, at least that’s what I liked to think.  But my rebellion was about rebelling against what other people my age were doing.  Ridiculous but true.

And as everyone my age was learning to drive I rebeled.  It wasn’t something that excited or interested me.

A few years later I did start lessons, and they actually went quite well.  I was quite a good driver, though a little anxious at times, like the time I drove into a hedge.

But then I got a job and moved away from home and I once again lost interest in learning to drive.

And about the same time I had one of the few disturbing dreams I have ever had – and it involved me dying in a car crash, and that foolishly made me convinced that this would be how I died.  It’s silly but this is how things can affect us.

So now I need to get the money together (oh how I say that about so many things) and get some driving lessons… Watch out all you hedges!

Being a Father

I’ve avoided this blog entry for long enough.  At first I kidded myself that I was just spending time thinking about how to write it.  But then I just got nervous, kept skipping past it in my to-do list.  But hey that is not what this site is all about, this is not what my decision to do GTD stuff all about.

It must have been about two and a half months ago now that my partner and I were on our way on holiday and we discussed having a baby.  We had had this discussion a number of times and while they were all positive we never really, really tried.  We had spent a month or two not using any contraceptive but nothing happened.

This time however I think that things seemed more real, that the future was a bit more, if not knowable, at least more managable.  So we got to our hotel and started trying.

A month later we had confirmation that we were pregnant. More.

The Big Question

So many people keep going on about me asking that Big Question – that proposal.  And you know I want to do it, I will do it, I want to be that “husband” thing I hear so much about.

The problem, as ever these days, is cash, wonga, moolah, money, etc….  I wouldn’t want to do something cheap, I want to be able to purchase the item, the ring I mean, that I know she wants.  But then saving is proving very difficult at the moment and any savings that are made are already allocated to half a dozen other things!  Hmm, this is a problem, maybe I need to put an “Attempting To Be” Solvent category on the website.

Anyway on this issue, I need to sort myself, I need to get the money and do this.  Sooner rather than later.

Then all I have to do is deal with the familial wedding type/location pressures….

On being funny…

I had originally called this category “Stand-up”, but decided that comedian was better.  I don’t want to restrict myself to only trying to do stand-up, but anything else that may come from this.

I have vague memories of my late teens when I began to discover comedy.  Not that I hadn’t enjoyed it before that, and not just that I discovered comedians who spoke in a different, exciting way.  Mainly I remember that I found myself understanding and using comedy concepts and constructs.  I could see why people had laughed at something, the reason behind that and how to use the same ideas in other situations.

There was a vague feeling that I was understanding the timing of saying things, and then also how to move my face to increase the humour.

And then I discovered Bill Hicks and Mark Thomas.  These two comedians chimed with me in different ways, Hicks had the dirtier humour of the two I think, the sort of thing that I loved at the time.  And Thomas, the genius policitial comedian, I connected with in his love and despair of humanity.

After moving to London I did join a stand-up comedy course but back then I didn’t have the balls even to stand-up in front of that class….

But now, with the difference in me, I have been considering trying this again.  But not just stand-up, I want to exercise that comedy muscle in many ways.  This blog entry isn’t one of them….

Things I can do:

  • Doing some comedy writing exercises
  • Use one of the rounds on Mock The Week as a test
  • Look for potential comedy outlets

It’s just over a year ago now that the idea for twisted, changed and blossomed into being a part of the LifeRiot group of entertainment websites.

My initial idea was that LaughRiot would be a combination of politics and comedy – a kind of interesting, but it quickly evolved into part of something bigger.

At that point I had been working for about a year with a mate on his music website called, helping out with some writing and some developing.  It kind of got me interested in doing something in the area that interested me more – comedy.  I knew that had a stranglehold on the UK comedy scene, but they had barely changed, they had no idea of what could and should be done for an entertainment sector.

And that is where the idea began to spread its wings, in the area of what can be offered to visitors of websites that cover the various entertainment sectors.  I am not going to go into details of what I want the LifeRiot sites to offer, but I am still excited in them after all this time.

Progress in some areas has been slow, and I have gotten frustrated and wondered why I don’t just stop and have that life that so many other people seem to have – wake, work, pub/home, watch the telly, bed.  But I haven’t given in yet, because I see this as giving myself an even better chance of being freed from my employers than anything at the moment.

Fingers crossed.

So what are some of the things I need to do to achieve this goal?

  • Stabilise all five sites
  • Introduce gig/event listings
  • Some special stuff


Hmm, why am I doing this?  Because there are times when I get to a point when I realise I am nowhere near to being the kind of person I want to be.  That can be due to circumstances, being led away by ideas or other people, or just plain laziness.

So here are my attempts to be something more by writing down the person that I want to be, what I need to do to get there, and, most importantly, if and how I get there.

What will happen?  Who knows?