On being a Communicator

I was thinking earlier today about how in a previous role I had been turned into a scapegoat after someone told me not to do something and then when things went wrong it was turned into that I should have done something.

So much of that was down to my lack of communication.  I was aware of issues before they came too large but didn’t do anything.  I also failed to properly stand up for myself when I was accused of messing things up.

While I think my ability to communicate has gotten better since those times – probably a decade ago – it is still not good enough.  I need to change that, to challenge myself to say those things that I know need to be said.

Being a friend

I used to believe that I was quite good at keeping up friendships.  But in reality it was just keeping in contact.  I would make sure that I would go through my address book and send emails to people I hadn’t been in touch with for a while.  I thought this was enough, I felt that it was a good thing.  And to a certain extent it was good – but it wasn’t really being a friend.

I need to change that, I need to see that thing that other people have of having phonecalls from their friends, attempting to meet up, etc.

On being solvent

Some good news on this front – well at least with regards to my credit history/credit score.

I have finally managed to get one of my CCJs cleared off my record, and I do mean cleared, not just satisfied, etc.  I am really happy about this – even though it has taken an absolute age to get the system to work.

But this means that my credit score has jumped from Poor to Fair which is good, not great but good.  Now I have spent a bit of time listing some of the other weirdnesses on my report and adding them to a new GTD project to get these things out of the way.


This is probably the final thing that I am attempting to be at the moment.  Every now and again I do ponder how nice it would be to play a musical instrument, but I’ve never felt I had enough time or talent to try them.

So I’ve decided to start at a very low level – no not the triangle, but the harmonica.  I can see myself being very annoying to the neighbours – even more so than normal!