Lost my GTD way

It’s becoming apparent that I have lost my GTD way over the past couple of weeks.  My enleiten inbox and task list has been untouched for a while now and my physical inbox has reached its limits again.

I’ve spent a bit more time organising my project and neglected paperwork which is something I guess. I am blaming it all on my life since becoming redundant which has been haphazard and disjointed.

Tomorrow I plan to spend the time working on stuff to help me get back onto the GTD bandwagon.

So, two months in

I hate to be a boastful man but once more at pretty much the first attempt to get pregnant again was successful!

We’ve made it past the 6/7 week stage where things went wrong last time, though we did have a little scare but all seems fine after having a check.  After having that check I wasn’t entirely reassured as things had been ok before but then gone downhill a few days later.

But now things seem ok my thoughts are once more moving to trying to make sure that all things are sorted for when the baby arrives.  So it’s basically to change from being an unemployed person without a living situation that is ready for a child – to being the opposite really.  Which is probably where the other bits of this ATB comes from.

Progress on Getting Things Done

So I finished the Getting Things Done book by David Allen and was really intrigued by the ideas.  I tried some of them out and felt really good about things.  But the big issue is that this is a system you have to buy into completely, and have to move everything across to.

I still don’t think I have moved completely across to it, but I am getting there.  I know I am probably losing productivity by not doing it all at once, but hey shoot me!

After looking at a number of web/mac based applications I decided that my main app would be Enleiten and I have generally enjoyed working with it.  I had to push myself to start using the contexts and I am still not 100% there with that.

My issue with it generally has been along the lines of the prioritization of tasks.  OK I know what should be being done by there is so much to be done I can work all the way around the important tasks.  So I have moved into something that I hope works for me.

I use iCal on the Mac as my calendar system and I am continuing to use that, but I am now getting a print-out of the forthcoming week and then everyday I list the most important things to be done that day, followed by the areas of which I want to focus on and their next actions, and finally I refer to Enleiten when I come to the end of these.

I am only just starting this but I hope it keeps me doing things, that GTD had been doing, but also with some more focus.  Fingers crossed.