Working from home (a little closer)

So it seems like I may be getting a bit closer to working from home doing contract/freelance work. Got one on-going piece of work, though this might calm down a bit, and a couple of potentials – 1 which looks very likely and one which is too new to speculate on but fingers crossed.

It’s kind of what I wanted – the chance to work from home, to break free of that tyranny of travel and boss.

I know that it might be even harder work to meet what I was being paid, and that maybe I will have to give it up to get some security (ie. mortgage) but for now it works well.

As long as I use the time I have to keep pushing my other projects forward as well – this might just work!!

Thoughts on marriage

It is the age it appears when friends turn to marriage.

Which gets me thinking about my own – we have no date, no ideas of dates, no discussion. Not that we don’t want to – but that it is an expense we can ill afford.

I need to change that, need to make things seem like they are a-changing. I know a lot has changed already recently but maybe it’s time to push things in a particular direction….

4 months in

So, we are now 4 months down the road, and things are coming along ok. The other half has her moments of panic at things, which is understandable considering what has previously happened. But I do feel that just everything is going to be ok this time.

We had a scan on New Years Eve and for the first time saw something that was pretty much human shaped, and moving around and stuff. It was quite amazing.

Next thing is a Feb 13th scan where we will ask the sex. Likely to be a boy, but for some reason I am now thinking it’s going to be a girl. Hmmm


I don’t know why I haven’t mentioned it before, but I got engaged!

It was the week before I was made redundant, the day before the pregnancy test was positive.

I’d gone over it many times in my head and the final result was similar to my thoughts. I had managed to get a ring that I knew she loved, and that she also believed had been sold to someone else.

It was a Saturday morning, we were spending the time in bed, I made Eggs Benedict, had some music playing. Then I got to one particular tune, more of that below, and started singing along. As it approached the second verse I moved away, sneaked the ring out of a drawer, and at a point (about 2.14 into the video) I popped the question.

It went well.

The song is “Life With You” by The Proclaimers. Here is the vid from youtube.