Lime Exchange

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Employment at home happening again?

After having quite a gap since my last bit of work it looks like things might be changing soon – well they better otherwise I am going to have to return to the office environs!

One large project that I have been looking at for a while now looks like it will be happening next month, but it is still all wrapped up in getting funding from a government body – which is long and tedious.

But another small bit of work has popped up, which will keep me busy for a day or so and make me feel just a tad better about things.

The third of the mesters

So here we are, in the third trimester, and everything seems to be going fine.  With the pregnancy anyway.  But now we approach the time when the youngster is going to be here and everything will change, and I don’t know if I am prepared for that change!

As of now I am living off benefits, and if I am honest I am not much further forward on any of my projects than I was a few months ago.  I find it difficult to understand why this is as generally I haven’t been that bad at doing stuff – maybe it is the stuff I am doing, or the lack of focus.  Maybe I am like at the start of a horserace, a whole load of horses going forward together, jostling for position but none of them getting a break forward.

Anyway that is something that needs to be sorted, along with all the other stuff of moving property, buying baby items, deciding on the best pram, all that sort of stuff.  Damn I need some luck.  Or some focused hardwork maybe?  Hmmm.