Fatherhood – 5 weeks

Yep it’s less than 5 weeks before the due date.  Where has all that time gone?  Why haven’t my fortunes changed?  How come the one thing that I have been waiting for work-wise is only just arriving, pushing myself to the limits with the timeline for the work crossing over moving house, etc but not giving me money until a while after the work is done.

V. v. annoying.

We went to our first antenatal class this week – it was actually much more useful than I had expected, some good information from the midwife and the chance to get rid of some concerns we had.

We quickly found some people to dislike because of their stupidness – who would be surprised that they would be naked if they were giving birth to a baby in a birthing pool?  How could another woman dismiss the benefits of using a birthing pool by saying that they had been in the bath and couldn’t think how it could help….

Two more of those to go, that’ll leave us with 3 weeks to go.  Arrgghhh!!!