Still not keeping contact

I have still not got this down very well – I had put tasks into my Things app but I have been so busy that it’s been difficult to keep adding them to be done.  I’ve now just put them all to be done Today so they should appear and when I tick them off they will come back in regular fashion.

Fingers crossed this will make a difference!

GTD – out of boxes

I never felt I was truly following the principles of GTD before, but since I have moved from one house to another, and I am having to live out of boxes until somebody else moves out of here, my whole system has gone to pot!

So I have given it up for the time being – I am sure there are probably ways I could have adapted things to make it like a travelling GTD system, but with a lot of work to do I decided not to break in a new way of doing things.  I still use and love Things on the Mac and iPhone which help to keep me together a bit more.

Looking forward to next week when I hope to be able to sort things out!

Husbandry – next year?

I’m becoming more convinced that next year would be the best time to plan to get married.  It just seems a good time, whether it is the right time considering we are a few weeks away now from out first child is for others to debate.

I just need to broach the subject – but the time hasn’t been right with so much else going on, maybe next week when things have calmed down and we can once again look forward to the future a little more calmly….

Self-employed? Will anyone let me be?

Ah, sloblocks! Things are never easy are they?

So my jobseekers allowance ends because of the type I get is contribution-based as my partner works.  And that only lasts a certain amount of time.  So that ends, i have no money coming in.

Luckily the contract that I have been waiting for for a while gets signed and should finish in a weeks time – but then I have to get paid, potentially a month later….

I also have to setup a business bank account, simple it should be based on my credit rating, but because I went overdrawn twice on my personal account lately the wonderful so-called “ethical” Co-Operative Bank have decided to shut it down.  Will that affect my credit rating?  Will it affect my ability to get a business bank account? I hope not…

And baby is due in 3 weeks time.  Things feel fraught and desperate.