So now we are a day or two away from having been a father for two weeks. It seems to have gone by so fast, but also so slow. Time has been a very weird thing since the birth, days have blurred into each other, we’ve barely known what day is what day to day. Weekends seem to be only marked by more visitors and a paper delivery each morning.

We’ve had some scares with the little one, but some fun too. And we’ve had the annoyances of in-laws as well….

We still haven’t decided on a name – the law gives us 60 days i think so we still have time but I hope we have decided before then!!

Stand up – will it ever happen?

So will my dreams of doing stand-up comedy ever happen? I feel it unlikely at the moment – which is sad.

But I am getting old, comedy is a young man’s game they say, which is very accurate when it comes to stand-up in particular. Now I am a father I can’t see my life easily allowing me to change to having a late night job? Or is that crazy, is that a good job for a parent as you get to be around much more during the day?

Ho hum, there is a question I may never know the answer to….

Talk is cheap, communication is priceless

So this whole thing with being a better communicator is about how I get on with people – how I put my point of view forward and have my voice heard.

I don’t know whether becoming a dad is helping to kick that up the arse but I do feel more vocal, and wanting to get things across.

But then it is also about talking to people rather than effectively hide behind these new technologies.

Ho hum as the communicative people say….

No drive at all

It’s been totally out of my mind but with child on the way (apparently) and a car purchased – it will go back on the list. ¬†We shall see what happens!