Maybe 2011?

The prospect of marriage seems to be drifting further into the future.  Not for any relationship reason – but more financially, that horrible reason that dogs me from day-to-day, week-to-week, year-to-year.

We aren’t looking for anything huge, but something nice and tasteful.  But still it costs money.

This delay makes me feel bleurgh!

9 weeks

So we are at 9 weeks into fatherhood now – well 8 weeks and 6 days to be exact, but hey who is counting!

We finally decided on a name at the last minute before we got anymore letters from the Council’s legal dept….

All in all it isn’t going too bad really we have been entering a much nicer period where he sleeps for 8/9 hours at night which is a godsend really.  He’s got colic still which is causing some grumpy evenings and he generally doesn’t start his 8/9 hours of sleep until 1am which is not so good.

It’s fun so far – I need to try and use some GTD to make sure that in the times while he is asleep/calm then I can do the important work.  But that is for another entry!


Hmm, well yes this is a big back burner!!  Getting more and more development work all of which could turn into nice big things and then lead to other things.

Also working on starting a new brand for myself which should be launching soon – so no space for comedy, other than that which is my life as it is…

All talk talk

I am not sure why I keep coming back to things like me Attempting To Be  a better Communicator – I just never seem to have the time to work on getting better with this sort of stuff.  Although where my time actually goes I dread to think.  If I looked at yesterday for example I played a game and a half of Madden 10 on the Wii – hardly productive and this wasn’t even as a treat!

So I shall arrange a time down the line when I come back to write about this – but at the moment the whole Attempting To Be idea is a little dead in the water.

Actually thinking about it maybe I need to stick in the GTD idea of Next Actions? And make them public and kinda accountable here.  Hmmmm.