Still being shit at being in contact with friends.  Bad me.

Doing the book

I’m still reading Making It All Work (don’t ask about my reading habits!) and am near the end so am slowly adding the different Horizons of Focus into my tasks. I’m really liking the ideas behind them, they do complete the “Clear Mind” philosophy of GTD.

Now gotta get that book finished!


Look I know that I am barely making any progress on these things, but give me a bit more time!  This driving thing is so dependent on time and money, both of which are at very low levels at the moment.

But I know I need to learn to drive.  On Sunday my son was crying uncontrollably for about 2/3 hours and we ended up taking him to A&E at 1am Monday morning,  We were there until 7am.  The burden of driving was on the other half.  That shouldn’t be the case.

More work happening

So things are potentially hotting up on the self-employment front – a few more people asking me about stuff that will hopefully turn into work. And the project that I have been working looks like it will finally produce some money – the company have finalised their funding and so my cheque should follow!

Fingers crossed it all goes well.  Or maybe I should just work on it?