Hmm, well yes this is a big back burner!!  Getting more and more development work all of which could turn into nice big things and then lead to other things.

Also working on starting a new brand for myself which should be launching soon – so no space for comedy, other than that which is my life as it is…

Stand up – will it ever happen?

So will my dreams of doing stand-up comedy ever happen? I feel it unlikely at the moment – which is sad.

But I am getting old, comedy is a young man’s game they say, which is very accurate when it comes to stand-up in particular. Now I am a father I can’t see my life easily allowing me to change to having a late night job? Or is that crazy, is that a good job for a parent as you get to be around much more during the day?

Ho hum, there is a question I may never know the answer to….

On being funny…

I had originally called this category “Stand-up”, but decided that comedian was better.  I don’t want to restrict myself to only trying to do stand-up, but anything else that may come from this.

I have vague memories of my late teens when I began to discover comedy.  Not that I hadn’t enjoyed it before that, and not just that I discovered comedians who spoke in a different, exciting way.  Mainly I remember that I found myself understanding and using comedy concepts and constructs.  I could see why people had laughed at something, the reason behind that and how to use the same ideas in other situations.

There was a vague feeling that I was understanding the timing of saying things, and then also how to move my face to increase the humour.

And then I discovered Bill Hicks and Mark Thomas.  These two comedians chimed with me in different ways, Hicks had the dirtier humour of the two I think, the sort of thing that I loved at the time.  And Thomas, the genius policitial comedian, I connected with in his love and despair of humanity.

After moving to London I did join a stand-up comedy course but back then I didn’t have the balls even to stand-up in front of that class….

But now, with the difference in me, I have been considering trying this again.  But not just stand-up, I want to exercise that comedy muscle in many ways.  This blog entry isn’t one of them….

Things I can do:

  • Doing some comedy writing exercises
  • Use one of the rounds on Mock The Week as a test
  • Look for potential comedy outlets