All talk talk

I am not sure why I keep coming back to things like me Attempting To Be  a better Communicator – I just never seem to have the time to work on getting better with this sort of stuff.  Although where my time actually goes I dread to think.  If I looked at yesterday for example I played a game and a half of Madden 10 on the Wii – hardly productive and this wasn’t even as a treat!

So I shall arrange a time down the line when I come back to write about this – but at the moment the whole Attempting To Be idea is a little dead in the water.

Actually thinking about it maybe I need to stick in the GTD idea of Next Actions? And make them public and kinda accountable here.  Hmmmm.

Keeping up with the … whatevers!

Well I am trying to keep up with people but it’s not made it to the top of my priority list recently – baby, partner and work are at the top and there is barely enough time for all of those!!

But I have created repeating tasks in Things for the people I want to keep in touch with – so that should help me when I get a better handle on other things.

Talk is cheap, communication is priceless

So this whole thing with being a better communicator is about how I get on with people – how I put my point of view forward and have my voice heard.

I don’t know whether becoming a dad is helping to kick that up the arse but I do feel more vocal, and wanting to get things across.

But then it is also about talking to people rather than effectively hide behind these new technologies.

Ho hum as the communicative people say….

On being a Communicator

I was thinking earlier today about how in a previous role I had been turned into a scapegoat after someone told me not to do something and then when things went wrong it was turned into that I should have done something.

So much of that was down to my lack of communication.  I was aware of issues before they came too large but didn’t do anything.  I also failed to properly stand up for myself when I was accused of messing things up.

While I think my ability to communicate has gotten better since those times – probably a decade ago – it is still not good enough.  I need to change that, to challenge myself to say those things that I know need to be said.