Look I know that I am barely making any progress on these things, but give me a bit more time!  This driving thing is so dependent on time and money, both of which are at very low levels at the moment.

But I know I need to learn to drive.  On Sunday my son was crying uncontrollably for about 2/3 hours and we ended up taking him to A&E at 1am Monday morning,  We were there until 7am.  The burden of driving was on the other half.  That shouldn’t be the case.

Come on, put the pedal to the metal!

Finally I have begun to annoy myself with my inability to drive.  Up until now it hasn’t been that much of an issue for me – I’ve had other people do the driving, or I’ve been more than happy using public transport.  But now that Number 1 son has arrived, it turns out that while he is a certain weight and size and shape, he comes with a huge amount of other bits and bobs which manage to fill up a car trunk quite easily – and that’s just on short trips!

So I am going to get over myself and learn to drive – probably one of those intensive driving courses when I can carve out the time.  Wish me luck – and luck to all other nearby drivers!

No drive at all

It’s been totally out of my mind but with child on the way (apparently) and a car purchased – it will go back on the list.  We shall see what happens!

Becoming a driver

Sometimes even I find it ridiculous that I have made it to 33 without learning to drive.  But I have, and I can’t.  And I need to.

I was a rebel when I was younger, at least that’s what I liked to think.  But my rebellion was about rebelling against what other people my age were doing.  Ridiculous but true.

And as everyone my age was learning to drive I rebeled.  It wasn’t something that excited or interested me.

A few years later I did start lessons, and they actually went quite well.  I was quite a good driver, though a little anxious at times, like the time I drove into a hedge.

But then I got a job and moved away from home and I once again lost interest in learning to drive.

And about the same time I had one of the few disturbing dreams I have ever had – and it involved me dying in a car crash, and that foolishly made me convinced that this would be how I died.  It’s silly but this is how things can affect us.

So now I need to get the money together (oh how I say that about so many things) and get some driving lessons… Watch out all you hedges!