A proper cold

baby-decor-new-arrivals-blue-brown-tissue-box-untitled.jpg-2300We thought the little one had had a cold before but apparently not, those were just the snuffles and sniffles.

The cold that started last week however was much more like the proper thing. The poor little boy was totally full of snot (or nasal effluence as I like to call it) that made sleeping quite an unpleasant experience.

And maybe he is just a fussy boy but he is stunningly good at twisting and turning and bursting into tears at the very sight of a tissue to try to clean up his face. But clean we must.

So he’s not been sleeping well, so we aren’t either, and he’s not been eating well either.

Tis not much fun for the Easter weekend!

9 weeks

So we are at 9 weeks into fatherhood now – well 8 weeks and 6 days to be exact, but hey who is counting!

We finally decided on a name at the last minute before we got anymore letters from the Council’s legal dept….

All in all it isn’t going too bad really we have been entering a much nicer period where he sleeps for 8/9 hours at night which is a godsend really.  He’s got colic still which is causing some grumpy evenings and he generally doesn’t start his 8/9 hours of sleep until 1am which is not so good.

It’s fun so far – I need to try and use some GTD to make sure that in the times while he is asleep/calm then I can do the important work.  But that is for another entry!


So now we are a day or two away from having been a father for two weeks. It seems to have gone by so fast, but also so slow. Time has been a very weird thing since the birth, days have blurred into each other, we’ve barely known what day is what day to day. Weekends seem to be only marked by more visitors and a paper delivery each morning.

We’ve had some scares with the little one, but some fun too. And we’ve had the annoyances of in-laws as well….

We still haven’t decided on a name – the law gives us 60 days i think so we still have time but I hope we have decided before then!!

Fatherhood – 5 weeks

Yep it’s less than 5 weeks before the due date.  Where has all that time gone?  Why haven’t my fortunes changed?  How come the one thing that I have been waiting for work-wise is only just arriving, pushing myself to the limits with the timeline for the work crossing over moving house, etc but not giving me money until a while after the work is done.

V. v. annoying.

We went to our first antenatal class this week – it was actually much more useful than I had expected, some good information from the midwife and the chance to get rid of some concerns we had.

We quickly found some people to dislike because of their stupidness – who would be surprised that they would be naked if they were giving birth to a baby in a birthing pool?  How could another woman dismiss the benefits of using a birthing pool by saying that they had been in the bath and couldn’t think how it could help….

Two more of those to go, that’ll leave us with 3 weeks to go.  Arrgghhh!!!

The third of the mesters

So here we are, in the third trimester, and everything seems to be going fine.  With the pregnancy anyway.  But now we approach the time when the youngster is going to be here and everything will change, and I don’t know if I am prepared for that change!

As of now I am living off benefits, and if I am honest I am not much further forward on any of my projects than I was a few months ago.  I find it difficult to understand why this is as generally I haven’t been that bad at doing stuff – maybe it is the stuff I am doing, or the lack of focus.  Maybe I am like at the start of a horserace, a whole load of horses going forward together, jostling for position but none of them getting a break forward.

Anyway that is something that needs to be sorted, along with all the other stuff of moving property, buying baby items, deciding on the best pram, all that sort of stuff.  Damn I need some luck.  Or some focused hardwork maybe?  Hmmm.

So, two months in

I hate to be a boastful man but once more at pretty much the first attempt to get pregnant again was successful!

We’ve made it past the 6/7 week stage where things went wrong last time, though we did have a little scare but all seems fine after having a check.  After having that check I wasn’t entirely reassured as things had been ok before but then gone downhill a few days later.

But now things seem ok my thoughts are once more moving to trying to make sure that all things are sorted for when the baby arrives.  So it’s basically to change from being an unemployed person without a living situation that is ready for a child – to being the opposite really.  Which is probably where the other bits of this ATB comes from.

Being a Father

I’ve avoided this blog entry for long enough.  At first I kidded myself that I was just spending time thinking about how to write it.  But then I just got nervous, kept skipping past it in my to-do list.  But hey that is not what this site is all about, this is not what my decision to do GTD stuff all about.

It must have been about two and a half months ago now that my partner and I were on our way on holiday and we discussed having a baby.  We had had this discussion a number of times and while they were all positive we never really, really tried.  We had spent a month or two not using any contraceptive but nothing happened.

This time however I think that things seemed more real, that the future was a bit more, if not knowable, at least more managable.  So we got to our hotel and started trying.

A month later we had confirmation that we were pregnant. More.