More friendship failure

So many things have happened to fully take up my time that I have once again been absolutely awful at keeping up with friends.

Bad, bad me.  I shall try to do better – when I have a moment….

Keeping up with the … whatevers!

Well I am trying to keep up with people but it’s not made it to the top of my priority list recently – baby, partner and work are at the top and there is barely enough time for all of those!!

But I have created repeating tasks in Things for the people I want to keep in touch with – so that should help me when I get a better handle on other things.

Still not keeping contact

I have still not got this down very well – I had put tasks into my Things app but I have been so busy that it’s been difficult to keep adding them to be done.  I’ve now just put them all to be done Today so they should appear and when I tick them off they will come back in regular fashion.

Fingers crossed this will make a difference!

Being a friend

I used to believe that I was quite good at keeping up friendships.  But in reality it was just keeping in contact.  I would make sure that I would go through my address book and send emails to people I hadn’t been in touch with for a while.  I thought this was enough, I felt that it was a good thing.  And to a certain extent it was good – but it wasn’t really being a friend.

I need to change that, I need to see that thing that other people have of having phonecalls from their friends, attempting to meet up, etc.