Maybe 2011?

The prospect of marriage seems to be drifting further into the future.  Not for any relationship reason – but more financially, that horrible reason that dogs me from day-to-day, week-to-week, year-to-year.

We aren’t looking for anything huge, but something nice and tasteful.  But still it costs money.

This delay makes me feel bleurgh!

And does hubbie take sugar?

It’s weird when your partner is pregnant and then in labour – if you are the father then in the eyes of midwifes and the such-like you become “hubby” regardless of your actual marital status. It’s quiet weird to suddenly be redesignated in this way especially when it’s not really that important to point out – it would seem very churlish.

Husbandry – next year?

I’m becoming more convinced that next year would be the best time to plan to get married.  It just seems a good time, whether it is the right time considering we are a few weeks away now from out first child is for others to debate.

I just need to broach the subject – but the time hasn’t been right with so much else going on, maybe next week when things have calmed down and we can once again look forward to the future a little more calmly….


I don’t know why I haven’t mentioned it before, but I got engaged!

It was the week before I was made redundant, the day before the pregnancy test was positive.

I’d gone over it many times in my head and the final result was similar to my thoughts. I had managed to get a ring that I knew she loved, and that she also believed had been sold to someone else.

It was a Saturday morning, we were spending the time in bed, I made Eggs Benedict, had some music playing. Then I got to one particular tune, more of that below, and started singing along. As it approached the second verse I moved away, sneaked the ring out of a drawer, and at a point (about 2.14 into the video) I popped the question.

It went well.

The song is “Life With You” by The Proclaimers. Here is the vid from youtube.

The Big Question

So many people keep going on about me asking that Big Question – that proposal.  And you know I want to do it, I will do it, I want to be that “husband” thing I hear so much about.

The problem, as ever these days, is cash, wonga, moolah, money, etc….  I wouldn’t want to do something cheap, I want to be able to purchase the item, the ring I mean, that I know she wants.  But then saving is proving very difficult at the moment and any savings that are made are already allocated to half a dozen other things!  Hmm, this is a problem, maybe I need to put an “Attempting To Be” Solvent category on the website.

Anyway on this issue, I need to sort myself, I need to get the money and do this.  Sooner rather than later.

Then all I have to do is deal with the familial wedding type/location pressures….