Progress on Getting Things Done

So I finished the Getting Things Done book by David Allen and was really intrigued by the ideas.  I tried some of them out and felt really good about things.  But the big issue is that this is a system you have to buy into completely, and have to move everything across to.

I still don’t think I have moved completely across to it, but I am getting there.  I know I am probably losing productivity by not doing it all at once, but hey shoot me!

After looking at a number of web/mac based applications I decided that my main app would be Enleiten and I have generally enjoyed working with it.  I had to push myself to start using the contexts and I am still not 100% there with that.

My issue with it generally has been along the lines of the prioritization of tasks.  OK I know what should be being done by there is so much to be done I can work all the way around the important tasks.  So I have moved into something that I hope works for me.

I use iCal on the Mac as my calendar system and I am continuing to use that, but I am now getting a print-out of the forthcoming week and then everyday I list the most important things to be done that day, followed by the areas of which I want to focus on and their next actions, and finally I refer to Enleiten when I come to the end of these.

I am only just starting this but I hope it keeps me doing things, that GTD had been doing, but also with some more focus.  Fingers crossed.