More work happening

So things are potentially hotting up on the self-employment front – a few more people asking me about stuff that will hopefully turn into work. And the project that I have been working looks like it will finally produce some money – the company have finalised their funding and so my cheque should follow!

Fingers crossed it all goes well.  Or maybe I should just work on it?

Gearing Up

So looks like I might get another couple of clients to work for doing web development. Which is good and has made me think about what I might do for CRM-related purposes.

After doing some searches and seeing various Mac-based options and then web-based options like HighRise I decided they were either not complicated enough, too-complicated or too expensive for my needs like HighRise.

In the end I have decided to use what I already have, alongside upgrading one thing. Basically I have a account so I know I can keep all of my contacts secure across multiple devices and the cloud, but I also have Evernote where I can acces all sorts of info again across multiple platforms.

So I have upgraded to Evernote premium and am starting to use that for my CRM, making better use of tags and also using the email address that allows me to send stuff for storing on Evernote.

Think it should all work for me, and help to keep my customers happy!

Self-employed? Will anyone let me be?

Ah, sloblocks! Things are never easy are they?

So my jobseekers allowance ends because of the type I get is contribution-based as my partner works.  And that only lasts a certain amount of time.  So that ends, i have no money coming in.

Luckily the contract that I have been waiting for for a while gets signed and should finish in a weeks time – but then I have to get paid, potentially a month later….

I also have to setup a business bank account, simple it should be based on my credit rating, but because I went overdrawn twice on my personal account lately the wonderful so-called “ethical” Co-Operative Bank have decided to shut it down.  Will that affect my credit rating?  Will it affect my ability to get a business bank account? I hope not…

And baby is due in 3 weeks time.  Things feel fraught and desperate.

Lime Exchange

I’ve just started using LimeExchange – check out what jobs you could do freelance.

Self-employment? Maybe?

Hmm, so it looks like self-employment might actually be a viable choice? Although to be honest it is a little too early to tell – I have had two pieces of contract work along with the chance of some other work at a broadcaster, but it feels quite good. Feels like I have some freedom to do other things with my time as well, the other projects.

Well one shall see what happens. one contract done and dusted, another to be started soon and fingers crossed for the other bit of work!

It’s just over a year ago now that the idea for twisted, changed and blossomed into being a part of the LifeRiot group of entertainment websites.

My initial idea was that LaughRiot would be a combination of politics and comedy – a kind of interesting, but it quickly evolved into part of something bigger.

At that point I had been working for about a year with a mate on his music website called, helping out with some writing and some developing.  It kind of got me interested in doing something in the area that interested me more – comedy.  I knew that had a stranglehold on the UK comedy scene, but they had barely changed, they had no idea of what could and should be done for an entertainment sector.

And that is where the idea began to spread its wings, in the area of what can be offered to visitors of websites that cover the various entertainment sectors.  I am not going to go into details of what I want the LifeRiot sites to offer, but I am still excited in them after all this time.

Progress in some areas has been slow, and I have gotten frustrated and wondered why I don’t just stop and have that life that so many other people seem to have – wake, work, pub/home, watch the telly, bed.  But I haven’t given in yet, because I see this as giving myself an even better chance of being freed from my employers than anything at the moment.

Fingers crossed.

So what are some of the things I need to do to achieve this goal?

  • Stabilise all five sites
  • Introduce gig/event listings
  • Some special stuff