On being solvent

Some good news on this front – well at least with regards to my credit history/credit score.

I have finally managed to get one of my CCJs cleared off my record, and I do mean cleared, not just satisfied, etc.  I am really happy about this – even though it has taken an absolute age to get the system to work.

But this means that my credit score has jumped from Poor to Fair which is good, not great but good.  Now I have spent a bit of time listing some of the other weirdnesses on my report and adding them to a new GTD project to get these things out of the way.

The Big Question

So many people keep going on about me asking that Big Question – that proposal.  And you know I want to do it, I will do it, I want to be that “husband” thing I hear so much about.

The problem, as ever these days, is cash, wonga, moolah, money, etc….  I wouldn’t want to do something cheap, I want to be able to purchase the item, the ring I mean, that I know she wants.  But then saving is proving very difficult at the moment and any savings that are made are already allocated to half a dozen other things!  Hmm, this is a problem, maybe I need to put an “Attempting To Be” Solvent category on the website.

Anyway on this issue, I need to sort myself, I need to get the money and do this.  Sooner rather than later.

Then all I have to do is deal with the familial wedding type/location pressures….