Stand-up on such a backburner

Stand-up, comedy writing – all of that stuff has fallen onto the backburner, and slipped down the back of it.



Still being shit at being in contact with friends.  Bad me.

Doing the book

I’m still reading Making It All Work (don’t ask about my reading habits!) and am near the end so am slowly adding the different Horizons of Focus into my tasks. I’m really liking the ideas behind them, they do complete the “Clear Mind” philosophy of GTD.

Now gotta get that book finished!

Employment at home happening again?

After having quite a gap since my last bit of work it looks like things might be changing soon – well they better otherwise I am going to have to return to the office environs!

One large project that I have been looking at for a while now looks like it will be happening next month, but it is still all wrapped up in getting funding from a government body – which is long and tedious.

But another small bit of work has popped up, which will keep me busy for a day or so and make me feel just a tad better about things.

Working from home (a little closer)

So it seems like I may be getting a bit closer to working from home doing contract/freelance work. Got one on-going piece of work, though this might calm down a bit, and a couple of potentials – 1 which looks very likely and one which is too new to speculate on but fingers crossed.

It’s kind of what I wanted – the chance to work from home, to break free of that tyranny of travel and boss.

I know that it might be even harder work to meet what I was being paid, and that maybe I will have to give it up to get some security (ie. mortgage) but for now it works well.

As long as I use the time I have to keep pushing my other projects forward as well – this might just work!!

Thoughts on marriage

It is the age it appears when friends turn to marriage.

Which gets me thinking about my own – we have no date, no ideas of dates, no discussion. Not that we don’t want to – but that it is an expense we can ill afford.

I need to change that, need to make things seem like they are a-changing. I know a lot has changed already recently but maybe it’s time to push things in a particular direction….

4 months in

So, we are now 4 months down the road, and things are coming along ok. The other half has her moments of panic at things, which is understandable considering what has previously happened. But I do feel that just everything is going to be ok this time.

We had a scan on New Years Eve and for the first time saw something that was pretty much human shaped, and moving around and stuff. It was quite amazing.

Next thing is a Feb 13th scan where we will ask the sex. Likely to be a boy, but for some reason I am now thinking it’s going to be a girl. Hmmm

Getting Things Done

So part of what this is all about is – getting things done.  Now, strangely enough, there is a productivity method known as Getting Things Done (or GTD for short) that is beloved of lots of people online these days, it seems to have exploded, particularly it seems among Mac users as there is a hell of a lot of Mac software out there that is focused on various GTD elements.

I have looked at this whole system previously but only in a very vague way, so a month or so ago I decided to buy the GTD book and give it a go.  I have strange reading habits so I haven’t even finished the book yet, but I am learning and putting into practise a number of the elements.  For example I have started to treat my email inboxes in much more of a GTD way, trying to get them to near zero as possible every day.  I have also started that with my physical inboxes both at work and at home.  All feels good so far.

My favourite GTD find though is Enleiten.  I had tried a number of the other online offerings, but Enleiten wins so far – due to a number of reasons.  Firstly is the ease with which you can add in tasks/actions, and the various ways you can get those tasks/actions into your inbox.  For example you can login to the site and just enter the tasks in a form box, or you can setup the system to receive emails that will then drop into the box.  This last one is a boon to me as I can think of stuff while travelling and use the email on my phone to drop the task in.

There are lots of other things I like about the system, but this isn’t supposed to be a review site.  I will carry on implementing my changes and see what happens and let you know next time if this is working and if so is it helping me reach my other goals.