Hmm, well yes this is a big back burner!!  Getting more and more development work all of which could turn into nice big things and then lead to other things.

Also working on starting a new brand for myself which should be launching soon – so no space for comedy, other than that which is my life as it is…

All talk talk

I am not sure why I keep coming back to things like me Attempting To Be  a better Communicator – I just never seem to have the time to work on getting better with this sort of stuff.  Although where my time actually goes I dread to think.  If I looked at yesterday for example I played a game and a half of Madden 10 on the Wii – hardly productive and this wasn’t even as a treat!

So I shall arrange a time down the line when I come back to write about this – but at the moment the whole Attempting To Be idea is a little dead in the water.

Actually thinking about it maybe I need to stick in the GTD idea of Next Actions? And make them public and kinda accountable here.  Hmmmm.

Keeping up with the … whatevers!

Well I am trying to keep up with people but it’s not made it to the top of my priority list recently – baby, partner and work are at the top and there is barely enough time for all of those!!

But I have created repeating tasks in Things for the people I want to keep in touch with – so that should help me when I get a better handle on other things.

Not Getting Things Done

I am not entirely sure how I can get things done while sharing looking after our 5-week old boy. I try to do stuff while the other half is caring for him but quite a bit of that time is her breastfeeding him and I then become a gofer, doing this, going for that, etc. without any quality time looking at my own projects.

So I have begun to use those times in the early hours when baby wakes me as he requires feeding. I have then gotten myself a cup of tea, done some tidying while it brews, and then done some work for an hour or so.

Even if it is going through my tasklists, adding, deleting, or refining them, it is all useful as it sets me up for whenever I can next grab some time. Whenever that may be!!

Come on, put the pedal to the metal!

Finally I have begun to annoy myself with my inability to drive.  Up until now it hasn’t been that much of an issue for me – I’ve had other people do the driving, or I’ve been more than happy using public transport.  But now that Number 1 son has arrived, it turns out that while he is a certain weight and size and shape, he comes with a huge amount of other bits and bobs which manage to fill up a car trunk quite easily – and that’s just on short trips!

So I am going to get over myself and learn to drive – probably one of those intensive driving courses when I can carve out the time.  Wish me luck – and luck to all other nearby drivers!

Gearing Up

So looks like I might get another couple of clients to work for doing web development. Which is good and has made me think about what I might do for CRM-related purposes.

After doing some searches and seeing various Mac-based options and then web-based options like HighRise I decided they were either not complicated enough, too-complicated or too expensive for my needs like HighRise.

In the end I have decided to use what I already have, alongside upgrading one thing. Basically I have a account so I know I can keep all of my contacts secure across multiple devices and the cloud, but I also have Evernote where I can acces all sorts of info again across multiple platforms.

So I have upgraded to Evernote premium and am starting to use that for my CRM, making better use of tags and also using the email address that allows me to send stuff for storing on Evernote.

Think it should all work for me, and help to keep my customers happy!

And does hubbie take sugar?

It’s weird when your partner is pregnant and then in labour – if you are the father then in the eyes of midwifes and the such-like you become “hubby” regardless of your actual marital status. It’s quiet weird to suddenly be redesignated in this way especially when it’s not really that important to point out – it would seem very churlish.


So now we are a day or two away from having been a father for two weeks. It seems to have gone by so fast, but also so slow. Time has been a very weird thing since the birth, days have blurred into each other, we’ve barely known what day is what day to day. Weekends seem to be only marked by more visitors and a paper delivery each morning.

We’ve had some scares with the little one, but some fun too. And we’ve had the annoyances of in-laws as well….

We still haven’t decided on a name – the law gives us 60 days i think so we still have time but I hope we have decided before then!!

Stand up – will it ever happen?

So will my dreams of doing stand-up comedy ever happen? I feel it unlikely at the moment – which is sad.

But I am getting old, comedy is a young man’s game they say, which is very accurate when it comes to stand-up in particular. Now I am a father I can’t see my life easily allowing me to change to having a late night job? Or is that crazy, is that a good job for a parent as you get to be around much more during the day?

Ho hum, there is a question I may never know the answer to….

Talk is cheap, communication is priceless

So this whole thing with being a better communicator is about how I get on with people – how I put my point of view forward and have my voice heard.

I don’t know whether becoming a dad is helping to kick that up the arse but I do feel more vocal, and wanting to get things across.

But then it is also about talking to people rather than effectively hide behind these new technologies.

Ho hum as the communicative people say….